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The best marketing plans have 3 things in common:

The best marketing plans I've seen generally have these 3 things in common:  1. They're modular:  Meaning they are flexible. You can cut them up and apply them to your artists/bands of different audience sizes and career stages. However, remember to stick to the plan. It should be designed to 2. They're executable: Creative ideas can actually be brought into the world. Although I believe it is important to be bold and set the bar high for yourself, its important for all parties involved to belief they can accomplish what is presented ahead of them. If it seems too unreasonable, it may turn into a game and eventually games turn into gimmicks. Don't let this happen. When plans are too ambitious nothing gets done. 3. They're repeatable:  If it ain't broken, why fix it? If it worked before - try it again! Remember you must create a feedback loop where learnings from past campaigns lay the foundation for future releases to make market

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