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Jacobthewilliam.BLUES: Lost tape of original delta blue improvisation

Produced & performed/improvised by: JACOBTHEWILLIAM Song Title: GOLD TEETH From Album: LOST CASSETTE RECORDINGS, VOL. 1 Found Here: FOR ALL MUSIC HISTORY ENTHUSIASTS, FOLKLORISTS, ARCHIVISTS, MUSICOLOGISTS, RAMBLERS & GAMBLERS - I HAVE SOMETHING HERE I'D LIKE TO SHARE WITH YOU: So i was going through boxes of old cassette tapes I made & came across this improvised delta blues jam that i did... maybe i was 19 or 20 years old here? At that time i remember being so obsessed with dudes like Charlie Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Muddy Waters (pre Chicago era), Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, Son House, etc.. to name a few. I literally studied those guys. Real hard. Anyway, It's funny to me now cuz it took a minute to convince myself that it was really me lol. It sounds so much like the original source! I just wanted to share this with ya'll and hopefully hear what you think. Thanks & enjoy! Please support Independent artists to bet

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